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By Liv Larsson

This publication might actually help make disgrace, guilt and anger your allies rather than our enemies. they could develop into keys for your internal existence and in your desires. gaining knowledge of those emotions may also help you greater meet your wishes for admire, reputation, belonging and freedom. What will be attainable in the event you not had to lower your self to prevent disgrace or guilt?

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It led to a meaningful exchange, when we focused on expressing what we wanted someone else to do if we started to cry in the group. Two women from Scandinavia said they would find it respectful if someone would stop doing what they did and instead gave the crying person their full attention and support. Some men from West Africa then exclaimed that this particular behavior certainly would not satisfy their need for respect. If they, an impossibility they felt, would start to cry in front of the group, they would like that the others would just pretend like nothing was happening and that they would not be noticed or tended to.

But you have no right to call me pushy just because things don’t always work! - Look at you, now you are being pushy again. Calm down, we’re just talking. During my childhood my dad and I often quarreled (as in the dialogue above). It often started with one of us putting a label on the other - or demanding something - and then the battle was on. Labels often led to self-fulfilling prophecies and the anger grew with every exchange of words. When we can’t manage to carry all the shame or guilt that we feel, we often “dump” our emotions onto someone else.

Being able to describe how it feels in our body makes it easier to get information about what we need and to describe it to others. When others get in touch with what we feel, it becomes easier for them to gain an understanding of our reality, because they can recognize themselves in it, as feelings are something we humans have in common. Sometimes it feels as if our feelings “are taking over,” but the fact is that emotions change rapidly and that they only remain a few seconds, if they are not stimulated again.

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