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Hu Jintao (Modern World Leaders)

Whilst Hu Jintao grew to become president of China in 2003, little or no used to be recognized approximately this enigmatic guy. This biography is helping get to the bottom of the secret surrounding Jintao via exploring his upward push from humble engineering scholar to robust chief of the world's such a lot populous state, and discussing what his rule potential to the way forward for China and the area.

Annie Montague Alexander: Naturalist and Fossil Hunter (Women Explorers)

Girls Explorers chronicles the lives of six intrepid ladies whose starvation for event and information pressured them on paths of discovery world wide. Their discoveries not just introduced shops of knowledge on issues starting from historic dinosaur fossils to existence in Tibet, but in addition challenged the proven roles of ladies of their fields.

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Establishment of Sui Dynasty, and reunification of China. : Three kingdoms emerge as Korea establishes independence from China. c. : African kingdom of Aksum declines. : End of Sui Dynasty, beginning of T’ang Dynasty, in China. : Mohammed and his followers escape from Mecca (the Hegira); beginning of Muslim calendar. : Founding of Cairo, Egypt. : Muslims conquer Egypt. c. : Decline of Teotihuacán in Mesoamerica. : Lighthouse of Alexandria destroyed in earthquake. :Parthenon damaged by explosion during war.

D . 41–54), her third husband. Later, Agrippina made advances toward her son. By then, having poisoned Claudius so that Nero could become emperor, she was fighting to keep Nero from killing her. One of the few positive influences in Nero’s life was the philosopher Seneca (SEHN-eh-kuh; c. 3 B . –c. A . 65), who became his advisor. But the atmosphere around Nero affected Seneca as well. D. 59), Seneca arranged to finish off the job properly. Later, Nero forced Seneca to commit suicide. Up until that time, as strange as it may sound, Nero had done a fairly responsible job of ruling.

Alexander was able to do this, killing as few opponents as possible. It was a policy he would pursue as a military leader, leaving as much good will as he could behind him while he pushed forward. C. were several tribes to the north of Macedonas well as some rebellious Greek city-states. The tribes were relatively easy to deal with. Alexander then made a lightning-quick movement into Greece, capturing Thebes and killing some 6,000 of its defenders. It was a brutal battle, but it could have been worse.

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