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Pronouns and anaphors (including reflexives reminiscent of himself and herself) may possibly or needs to depend upon antecedents for his or her interpretation. those dependencies are topic to stipulations that prima facie exhibit gigantic crosslinguistic version. during this monograph, Eric Reuland provides a thought of ways those anaphoric dependencies are represented in common language in a manner that does justice to the the adaptation one reveals throughout languages. He explains the stipulations on those dependencies by way of trouble-free houses of the computational procedure of common language. He indicates that the encoding of anaphoric dependencies uses parts of the language method that each one mirror diverse cognitive capacities; hence the empirical learn he stories on bargains insights into the layout of the language process. Reuland's account reduces the stipulations on binding to self reliant homes of the grammar, none of that's particular to binding. He deals a principled account of the jobs of the lexicon, syntax, semantics, and the discourse part within the encoding of anaphoric dependencies; a window into the general association of the grammar and the jobs of linguistic and extralinguistic components; a brand new typology of anaphoric expressions; a view of crosslinguistic edition (examining proof in a variety of languages, from English, Dutch, Frisian, German, and Scandinavian languages to Fijian, Georgian, and Malayalam) that indicates harmony in variety.

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The only serious attempt to date to derive binding theory from pragmatic princi­ ples is Levinson 2000. 7 for more discussion and criticism of Lev­ inson's assumptions). In evaluating such claims. note that all the information conveyed by natural language expressions is encoded in grammatical and lexical fea­ tures. These represent atomic elements of information content. Any mea­ sure of descriptive content must be made in terms of such features. Hence, even apart from the role of structure in anaphoric relations, which is discussed below, the very status of being a higher or lower marker accessibility itself rests on fundamentally linguistic notions .

X voted for x, with x= I (26) a. We elected me. b. x elected x, with x=I Similarly, the inference system must represent that (27a) entails (27b): (27) a. John hated everybody but himself. b. x hates x). Reinhart refers to representations meeting the requirements inherent in this format as logical syntax (LS), hence the name logical syntax binding for the binding relation as defined for these representations. In Reinhart's approach, binding is analyzed as the procedure of closing a property. This is reflected in the following definition, which I adopt in the present work: (28) Logical syntax binding Binding is the procedure of closing a property.

The heuristic strategy is that (9) is to be abandoned only in the face of compelling evidence. In line with (9) the following methodological guide­ line will be employed in this book: ( 1 0) Uniformity • • The formal properties of the computational system are uniform across languages . The formal properties of the conceptual system are uniform across languages. The same holds true for the formal properties of the realization and inter­ pretation systems. Together these entail that the locus of crosslinguistic variation is in the functional system, the system for marking Case, Agree­ ment, and so on.

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