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This booklet advanced from a path at our college for starting graduate stu­ dents in mathematics-particularly scholars who meant to concentrate on ap­ plied arithmetic. The content material of the path made it beautiful to different math­ ematics scholars and to graduate scholars from different disciplines reminiscent of en­ gineering, physics, and computing device technology. because the path was once designed for 2 semesters length, many subject matters may be incorporated and handled in de­ tail. Chapters 1 via 6 replicate approximately the particular nature of the direction, because it used to be taught over a couple of years. The content material of the path was once dictated through a syllabus governing our initial Ph. D. examinations within the topic of ap­ plied arithmetic. That syllabus, in flip, expressed a consensus of the college participants concerned about the utilized arithmetic application inside our division. The textual content in its current manifestation is my interpretation of that syllabus: my colleagues are innocent for no matter what flaws are current and for any inadvertent deviations from the syllabus. The booklet comprises extra chapters having vital fabric no longer incorporated within the path: bankruptcy eight, on degree and integration, is for the ben­ efit of readers who desire a concise presentation of that topic, and bankruptcy 7 includes a few themes heavily allied, yet peripheral, to the primary thrust of the direction. This association of the fabric merits a few explanation.

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By the maximality of H, either H U { x} is li nearly dependent or H U { x } C H (and then x E H) . In either case, x is a l inear combination of elements of H . If x can be represented in two different ways as a linear combination of members of H, then by subtraction , we obtain 0 as a nontrivial linear combination of elements of H , contradicting the li near independence of H. 1 In the next theorem , when we say that one real-valued function , J, is inated by another, p, we mean simply that f(x) � p(x) for all x .

4 More about Compactness 23 semicontinuous. Prove that if I and -I are lower semicontinuous, then I is continuous. Prove that a lower semicontinuous function attains its infimum on a compact set. 2. Prove that the collection of open sets (as we have defined them) in a normed linear space fulfills the axioms for a topology. 3. Two norms, Nt and N2 , on a vector space X are said to be equivalent if there exist positive constants o and {3 such that o N1 � N2 � f3 Nt . Show that this is an equivalence relation.

Xn - l have been defined , let Un - I be the subspace that they span . By Corol lary 2, above, Un - 1 is closed . Use Riesz's Lemma to select Xn so that llxn II = 1 and dist(x n , Un - 1 ) > ! Then l l x n - Xi I I > 4 whenever i < n . This sequence can not have any convergent subsequence. 1 Putting Theorems Theorem 3. 1 and 2 together, we have the following result . A normed linear space is finite dimensional if and only if its unit ball is compact. I n any normed linear space, a compact set is necessari ly closed and bou nded .

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