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By Raychel Haugrud Reiff

Introduces the existence and writings of authors whose works ceaselessly replaced the period of time during which they lived, and whose writing is still a dynamic a part of the literary panorama.

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This movement to weed out enemies to America became known by the term McCarthyism in early 1950. With extravagant, unsubstantiated accusations, McCarthy, along with “a broad coalition of politicians, bureaucrats, and other anticommunist activists hounded an entire generation of radicals and their associates, destroying lives, careers, and all the institutions that offered a left-wing alternative to mainstream politics and culture” (Schrecker, xii). Huxley was on the FBI’s list of suspected Communists.

In June 1940, France fell to Hitler’s powerful forces. One of Huxley’s friends recalled that on the day Paris fell, Huxley’s “face was dead white, [and] he bore the expression of someone who was peering into hell” (Loos, 94). After defeating France, the Nazis turned their attention to conquering Britain. They began by bombing London, where “thousands of civilians perished, and much of central London was destroyed” (Day, 266). But the British refused to be beaten. They alone fought against Germany until the war became a worldwide conflict in 1941, when the Soviet Union joined the Allies after being invaded by Germany and when the United States declared war after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7.

Not only do the nhabitants belong to everyone sexually, but also they belong 60 o one another as working memb60 ers of the state, as their slo an “Every one works for every one else” shows. Since they all < > < > Chapter 3 Brave New World BRAVE NEW WORLD is one of the most famous utopian novels ever written. It is actually a dystopian or antiutopian book. As Huxley told a friend, “I am writing a novel about the future—on the horror of the Wellsian Utopia and a revolt against it” (Letters, 348).

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