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By M. A. Crisfield

Crisfield's first and moment books are very good assets for somebody from assorted disiplines. His luck will be attributed to explaining the fabrics of their basic varieties and to his notations that's effortless to persist with. ranging from 1D nonlinear truss parts to 3D beam-column components, all strategies are defined in a similar fashion so when you are into it, one could stick with the textual content. I as a rule studied his paintings on finite rotations, and arc-length algorithms.

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105) NON-ORTHOGONAL TENSOR COMPONENTS 42 or alternatively. 10) S,, (sometimes = covariant components of second Piola-Kirchhoff stress. 7 in final configuration) X = position vector in initial configuration Matrices and tensors A = second-order tensor (also A) C = fourth-order constitutive tensor D = displacement derivatives D = [fiij]-rnatrix of displacement derivatives with respect to orthonormal cartesian base vectors D = [Dij]-matrix of covariant components of the displacement derivatives. 13 REFERENCES [Sl] Sokolnikov, I.

Xi = x . e j ) x j = ( e / . 9a) gives xi = ( e i . e j ) - x j ( 1 1. 10d) In terms of the components, we can adopt a matrix notation so that, for example from (1 1. 1 1) where the vector ( x i }is the vector containing the three contravariant components with respect to the barred base vectors, and the vector { x j } contains the three contravariant components with respect to the unbarred base vectors while the matrix [ e ' a e , ] contains, for example, the scalar 2' - e3 in the position (1, 3).

25a) (but with g’s instead of e’s): while. 58). 8, the hats are introduced for components related to the cartesian base vectors). 8 that it is convenient to work with the covariant components of the Green strain. 30)’ we should adopt the contravariant components of the second Piola-Kirchhoff TRANSFORMING THE COMPONENTS OF THE CONSTITUTIVE TENSOR 37 stress so that: -. 68) where the bars indicate covariant components for strains (or strain variations) and contravariant components for stresses. 38), we require to express the second Piola-Kirchhoff stresses via: s = PG,G, = PG,G, +$ 1 2 + ...

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