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Graduate textbook in astrophysics.

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The latter is known as Keplerian rotation because that is how the planets in the solar system behave. 1 Rotation curves of real spiral galaxies Real spiral galaxies are not, of course, disks of zero thickness. Their disks have a finite width and they have spiral arms superimposed. In addition, the central region of many spiral galaxies is characterized by a spherical distribution of mass called the bulge. Conceptually, a real spiral galaxy looks something like Fig. 3. 1 1 2 3 5 4 R Fig. 2 Model rotation curves based on equation (63).

Henry, G. html. , Stefanik, R. , Latham, D. W. (1997) The Hyades Binary Finsen 342 (70 Tauri): A Double-lined Spectroscopic Orbit, the Distance to the Cluster, and the Mass–Luminosity Relation, Astrophysical Journal, 479, pp. 268–78. , Stefanik, R. , Latham, D. W. (1997) The Hyades Binaries theta 1 Tauri and theta 2 Tauri: The Distance to the Cluster and the Mass–Luminosity Relation, Astrophysical Journal, 485, pp. 167–181. 6 Further reading Goldstein, H. (1950) Classical Mechanics, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, USA.

For large R, the first term on the right-hand side becomes insignificant, leading to 3 R¨ =Λ R which has the solution, for large R R∝e √ 3Λt/3 . The expansion of the Universe becomes exponential. A plot of the formal (full) solution is sketched in Fig. 3. Note that we are near the inflection point. The expansion of the Universe has been dominated by gravity in the past and will be dominated by the cosmological constant in the future. The physical meaning of Λ is not fully known but current theories suggest that vacuum energy is the source of the “repulsive force”.

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