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By Robert R. Leichtman, Carl Japikse

This can be a transparent, useful description of all points of meditation. The authors exhibit humans the right way to increase relationships, be extra inventive, heal the sentiments, and so on.

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5G$8CKGFU$"FRIRCWCFP Near the start of the 21st century, some companies began asking if their employees were emotionally engaged (not just satisfied) with the work they were doing each day. These inquiries created a major shift; managers and leaders were finally paying attention to whether people were not just showing up but also giving all of their “discretionary effort” to the organization. Employers are now quite savvy about whether you are engaged or disengaged while you are on the job. They know what the organization is getting out of you.

1 + 0 % $ I I better product to the people you serve. Just think of all the different interactions you have had as a customer. When a customer service rep treats you and your request poorly, it can derail the rest of your day. On the other hand, if someone resolves your problem in a warm and understanding manner, the response gives you a positive charge and can turn a bad experience into a good one. This is the type of daily impact you can have in your interactions with your friends, family, colleagues, and customers.

How did this relationship between individuals and organizations go so wrong? One catalyst for this change was the Industrial Revolution, when people almost literally became cogs in big machines and assembly lines. The premise was that an employee would work at a routine task for a fixed number of hours in exchange for a set amount of hourly pay. While this led to a great deal of automation, innovation, and productivity growth, it also resulted in unintended side effects that linger today. These transactional relationships made it easy for companies to work someone to the point of burnout, knowing they could hire the next person in line.

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