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By Jens Nieling, Ellen Rehm

For two hundred years, from the second one half the 6th century to the many years ahead of 330 BC, the Persian dynasty of the Achaemenids governed an important empire stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Afghanistan and India. the good Kings Dareios I and Xerxes I even attempted to overcome Greece and the northern Black Sea territories. even though they failed, components of Thrace did develop into a part of their dominion for a quick interval. The query regularly rises as to why the nice Kings have been drawn to the western and northern Pontic zones. unlike many of the different satrapies, equivalent to Egypt, Phoenicia and Syria, the Black Sea had no filthy rich towns or provinces to provide. One attainable resolution will be the will to overcome all the pieces of the identified international. After 479 BC, it appears the nice Kings said the truth that the coast and the Caucasus shaped the average borders in their Empire. The satraps, nevertheless, couldn't keep away from turning into inquisitive about the affairs of the Black Sea area so one can shield the frontiers they'd proven. they'd to include the Greeks, as authorised population in their province, into the Persian administrative approach. probably they completed this by way of granting them the monopoly in sea exchange and utilizing the Anatolian Greeks because the major lively bearers and transmitters of Persian customs and tradition. extra study into this bankruptcy of Persian background continues to be required.

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1991. Achaemenid settlement in Caria, Lycia and Greater Phrygia (Achaemenid History 6). Leiden, 83-143. A. 1988. Sidon – Labraunda – Halikarnassos, in: M. ), Kanon, Festschrift Ernst Berger. Basel, 119-126. A. 2005. Das Eschmun-Heiligtum von Sidon. Architektur und Inschriften (Antike Kunst, Beiheft 19). Basel. Recent Investigations of the Ulski Kurgans Vladimir R. Erlikh The area of the Ulski kurgans is a key site of the Scythian epoch in southern Russia. Their chronological position is very important: the earlier kurgans border the Kelermes kurgans, the later ones the Semibratnee kurgans.

First we should consider the “Sialk”-type strap-separators. N. Medvedskaya used these separators for crossed-reign straps with a round plaque for dating burial 15 of Sialk site B (Fig. 26 Similar separator plaques are typical for central Europe (the Füzeshabony type according to J. Chochorowski). 27 In the Black Sea region, strap-separators are found in Protomeotian and Chernogorovka complexes, for example in Pshish I burial 51 (Fig. 28 Such strap-separators are not found in early Scythian monuments of the Kelermes period.

See the discussion by Meissner (2000). See also the contribution by Knauss et al. this volume. One problem is the lack of literary sources outside some core satrapies of the Empire (Persis, Babylonia, Egypt) which would shed light on the introduction of administrative mechanisms. The recently published material from Bactria gives us a glimpse of the administrative procedures which were introduced in eastern Iran during the fifth and fourth centuries (Shaked 2003). We possess nothing comparable for the Black Sea region, and the reason for this deficiency may confirm that these regions were integrated into other satrapies and thus part of larger administrative units.

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