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This PDF version: © Focal Point Publications 2000 Report errors 3: farce and tragedy PART TWO: THE DISASTER This PDF version: © Focal Point Publications 2000 Report errors 49 50 accident: the death of general sikorski This PDF version: © Focal Point Publications 2000 Report errors 3: farce and tragedy 51 3: Farce and Tragedy I n Gibraltar, the Governor’s military assistant, Major Anthony Quayle, telephoned the local Polish forces liaison officer, Lieu tenant Ludwik Lubienski, and asked him to call round at the Governor’s Palace at once.

At a quarter to three, ninety-five Polish soldiers marched in perfect order into the garden of Government House, to be inspected and addressed by their Commander in Chief. Here there was the kind of unforeseen incident which every company commander must dread. Sikorski stopped in front of one of the Polish soldiers and asked him what it felt like to be wearing a Polish soldier’s uniform again. The man’s unbelieving lieutenant heard him retort that he didn’t care for it as he was a sailor by profession and had not the least desire to be a soldier; and if he was allowed to go back to the sea, he didn’t give a damn whose flag he sailed under.

U. officer on duty telephoned the pilot. U. officer had to have the aircraft’s manifest, as the extra passenger would have to be entered on it. Prchal produced his own copy of Form 1256 briefly from the plane’s document case, and it was amended to include Gralewski’s name. ”37 Afterwards there was an official luncheon given by the Governor in the cool of Government House, attended by his three Service commanders, Sikorski and his party, and the local Colonial Secretary. Captain Borzemski and Lieutenant Rosycki, the commanding officer of the Polish company in Gibraltar, were also among the guests.

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