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By the summer of 1862, Lincoln knew something had to be done. To Save the Union From the start of the war in April 1861, the Confederates were fighting primarily to preserve the institution of slavery. Lincoln’s goal at the time was primarily to preserve the Union. In addition to the 11 Southern states that seceded following Lincoln’s election, four other states were slave states. These four states—Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri, were collectively known as the border states. Unlike the 11 other slave states, the border states stayed in the Union.

When the Union commander refused to abandon Fort Sumter, the Confederate army attacked. Two days later, Union soldiers surrendered the fort. Although there were no soldier casualties on either side, with this battle, Flags of the Union the Civil War had begun. and the Confederacy. Jefferson Davis—Lincoln’s Counterpart in the Confederacy Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States of America from 1861–1865. S. S. S. president Franklin Pierce. S. Senate when, on January 9, 1861, it was announced that the state he represented, Mississippi, had declared its independence from the United States.

S. Constitution, passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, is finally ratified. Slavery is abolished. 60 Glossary abolitionist A person dedicated to ending, or abolishing, the practice of slavery, usually immediately. S. Constitution. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery. bar exam A test to see whether a person is qualified to practice law. cabinet An official group of appointed advisers who counsel the president. casualty A person killed or injured; in the military, a person who can no longer fight due to death, injury, sickness, capture, or unknown whereabouts.

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