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By Margaret J. Wheatley

Developed round 5 significant issues -- play, association, self, emergence, and coherence -- an easier approach demanding situations the best way we are living and paintings, providing a profound worldview.
In considerate, inventive prose, the authors aid readers attach their very own own studies to the concept corporations are evolving platforms. With its comfy, poetic kind, a less complicated approach may help readers bring up their organizing potential and unfastened them from the day-by-day pressure that disorganization brings.

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It requires a new way of being in the world. It requires being in the world without fear. Being in the world with play and creativity. Seeking after what’s possible. Being willing to learn and to be surprised. This simpler way to organize human endeavor requires a belief that the world is inherently orderly. The world seeks organization. It does not need us humans to organize it. This simpler way summons forth what is best about us. It asks us to understand human nature differently, more optimistically.

Could we stop these searches? What if we gave up so much striving to discover what others were doing? What if we invested more time and attention in our own experimentation? We could focus our efforts on discovering solutions that worked uniquely for us. We could realize that solutions that are not perfect – only pretty good – can work for us. We could focus on what’s viable, rather than what’s right. Observing others’ successes can show us new possibilities, expand our thinking, trigger our creativity.

With more to choose from, with none bidding for support as the ultimate right answer, we might feel less attached to them. If these solutions did not require such enormous investments of resources, egos, and certainties, we could abandon them sooner when they stopped working. People could feel freer to respond creatively to the flow of events and demands, rather than feel locked in loyalty to some world-class but failing solution. Agility and the freedom to be creative are more likely when we focus on what works rather than what’s right.

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