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By Jonathan Swift

This variation is written in English. even though, there's a working Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variants of A Modest suggestion. This version will be necessary should you wou

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They leant on the door so that their sister couldn't go out until she lent them some money. 5. The weather which has been becalming the sailing boats is becoming better. 6. The baron ruled over hundreds of acres of barren land. 7. The assistant who packed the box left out this packet. 8. If the clasp of your brooch is too loose, you could easily lose it. 9. There are ten canons at Westchester Cathedral, and ten cannons at Westchester Castle. 10. A teacher wouldn't lessen my interest in the subject by giving one tedious lesson.

Complete the table. INTERNATIONAL RADIO NEWS CORPORATION TEST PIECE FOR APPLICANTS FOR POSTS AS NEWSREADERS Several London papers claimed today that a burglary had taken place at Buckingham Palace. A spokesperson refused to confirm whether or not anything had been stolen. A nuclear power station in Bangor, North Wales, has been closed down, while maintenance work is carried out. Asphalt on the roof of the main reactor building has cracked, and accumulated debris needs to be removed. A local pressure group claim that increased incidence of migraine in the area is due to radiation escaping through the cracks.

3 EXERCISE 73 Which weak vowel, ə or ɪ, is used in American pronunciation in the unstressed syllable of the following words? Write the correct vowel. The first two are done for you. ɪ 1. cabbage ə 2. robin 3. habit 5. Lenin 7. vanish 4. panic 6. wicked 8. arches 9. carriage 5. The RP diphthongs ɪə, eə are replaced in GenAm by pure vowels. appearancle ə ˈpɪər ənts ‖ ə ˈpɪr- Idea aɪ ˈdɪə ˌaɪ-, †-ˈdiː⌣ə various ˈveər i⌣əs ‖ ˈver i⌣əs ˈvær In some words, some American speakers do include ə before r; this is shown in the dictionary by ə.

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