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The legend of Tristan and Isolde -- the archetypal narrative in regards to the turbulent results of all-consuming, passionate love -- accomplished its so much whole and profound rendering within the German poet Gottfried von Strassburg's verse romance Tristan (ca. 1200-1210). together with his nice literary rival Wolfram von Eschenbach and his flexible predecessor Hartmann von Aue, Gottfried is taken into account one in every of 3 maximum poets produced through medieval Germany, and over the centuries his Tristan has misplaced none of its skill to draw with the great thing about its poetry and to problem -- if now not galvanize -- with its sympathetic depiction of adulterous love.

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Divergent Hook One: The manor has recently acquired a new source of ore. The ore turns out to have a strange material in it, which upon forging creates an invisible toxic cloud that kills the forger. Divergent Hook Two: Ore is actually being poisoned by the head miner, whom the lord taxed heavily while running the old mine. The local wizard-miser has been absent for over six months and is assumed dead. PCs are sent to acquire the best beast owed to the lord. Miser was a spellcaster of some power, and the lord’s servants are too fearful to enter his locked home.

Hayward: Manorial manager who impounds stray animals and tends to livestock. Herbalist: Those who make herbal concoctions, also known as apothecaries. Historian: Those who record events. Holding the head of the king: An actual duty where a person holds the king’s head in their lap, used in traveling. Household: Those people and places a lord supports, including staff, advisors, visitors, and their entourage. Household knight: A landless knight who serves the lord’s household, usually with the promise of land in the future; maintained by his lord.

Bather: People who run baths or the attendants inside baths. Beadle: Manorial manager that collects seed at harvest for next year’s crop. Benefice: A collection of land, rights, buildings, and/or communities given by a lord to his vassal, providing the vassal’s material support, in exchange for military service and counsel. Bleacher: Those who bleach cloth and other textiles. Bowyer: People who make bows. e. dressing, hair, bathing, cleaning, etc. Burgher: A citizen of a city; a freeman who is a member of a guild.

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