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Moreover, his new friend Feder was favourably inclined to the “German Workers Party” of Drexler and Harrer. Thus the opportunity was given for linking up the officer-politicians with a Party. In addition, Hitler was officially commissioned to investigate this Party. The Reichswehr, which was then developing out of the Volunteer Corps, was permeated with the spirit of politics. It sought a Party whose policy should be identical with its own—or rather, one which it might use as an instrument of its own policy.

This must not be understood to mean powerful speeches. Energy meant this sort of thing: small bodies of National Socialists, euphemistically called defenders of order, roamed through the streets at night. If they saw a nose they did not like the look of, its unlucky owner was hustled into a corner, somebody stamped on his toe, he resented it, provocation had been given, and legal brawling could begin, in the course of which it is seen that God and the police are with the stronger battalions. Grotesque cases occurred.

Very soon the National Socialists substituted for this older style of meeting the new idea of “proclamation,” at which no opponent might disturb the expression of the Party will. Until they had reached that stage, those who tried to argue or to talk on equal terms with the chief speaker were simply prevented from speaking at all. ” Since then that paper has learnt to regard worse things as harmless. It was already dangerous for people who went to the meetings and tried to make use of the good parlimentary custom of questioning the speaker.

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