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By Heath, Jeffrey

Jamsay is the largest-population language between a few twenty Dogon languages in Mali, West Africa. this can be the 1st complete grammar of any Dogon language, together with a whole tonology. The language is verb-final, with topic contract at the verb and without different case-marking. Its so much amazing characteristic is the morphosyntactically brought on use of stem-wide tone-contour overlays on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. All stems have a lexical tone contour corresponding to H[igh], L[ow]-H, HL, or LHL with at the very least one H-tone. An examination of tone overlay is tone-dropping to stem-wide all-L. this is often used for Perfective verbs (in the presence of a focalized constituent), and for a noun or adjective ahead of an adjective. it's also used to mark the pinnacle NP in a relative clause (the head NP isn't extracted, so this is often the one direct indication of head NP status). The verb in a relative clause is morphologically a participle, agreeing with the top NP in humanness and quantity, instead of with the topic. ""Intonation"" is used grammatically. for instance, NP conjunction 'X and Y' is expressed as X Y, with out a conjunction, yet with ""dying-quail"" intonation on either conjuncts.

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Ns (2): a$nsa@˘ra@-n (var. a$ni s$ a@˘ra@-n)‘white person’ (

Nasal plus nonhomorganic stop: mg (2): ja@mga^l ‘wooer’ (Fulfulde) mk (2): a$la$m-[ka^y<-ka^y<] ‘Datura grain’ (crypto-compound) ng (0): — nk (1): ga@nkç$ ‘Celtis tree’ c. nasal plus nonhomorganic nasal nm, nm), nN (0): — mn (10+): nE$mnE@ ‘scorpion’. mn): (5): na@mn)u@ ‘sesame’ mN (0): — Nn, Nm, Nn) (0): — d. ’ ns (2): a$nsa@˘ra@-n (var. a$ni s$ a@˘ra@-n)‘white person’ (

13) main clause (unfocalized) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. e. full-NP) subject nonpronominal dative, object, and adverbials (especially locatives) pronominal dative and object (loosely proclitic to verb) verb with pronominal subject suffix This can be roughly summarized as Adv-SNP-X-V, where “X” is everything else and where (unfocalized, nontopical) pronominals occur at the end of X (as proclitics to the verb). a) begins with a temporal adverbial, then has a second person singular object pronoun (“2SgO”), then a verb with AN suffix (Resultative) and a 1Sg subject (“1SgS”) suffix.

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