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From acid rain, CFC's, and the greenhouse impression to the food-chain and the gene financial institution, Oxford's completely revised Dictionary of Ecology, moment version presents 5,000 up to date entries on all facets of ecology and the environmental sciences. supplying direct entry to the main exact and updated details to be had, the dictionary covers an enormous diversity of topics, from plant and animal body structure, animal habit, evolution, environmental pollutants, and conservation to climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, and oceanography. The Dictionary of Ecology, moment version, has been absolutely up to date to include advancements during this speedily evolving box, relatively within the parts of molecular ecology, conservation, and the administration of habitats. additionally incorporated are biographical notes on eminent ecologists and different scientists, in addition to useful cross-references that make this quantity a useful reference software for college kids, execs, and someone with an curiosity within the wildlife and the environment.

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Dysgenic Genetically deleterious. dysphotic zone The region of the *photic zone that lies below the *compensation level, and within which light penetration is such that oxygen production by photosynthesis is exceeded by oxygen consumption by respiration. Compare EUPHOTIC ZONE. dystrophic Applied to a lake that is usually shallow, rich in humus giving its water a brown colour, with variable amounts of nutrients, and with the deeper water often depleted of oxygen. A dystrophic lake was proposed (by A.

It may correspond to the *Donau stage in the Alpine area and the Nebraskan stage in North America. eccritic temperature The body temperature an *ectotherm prefers, often maintaining it by alternately basking and seeking shade. ecdysis The periodic shedding of the exoskeleton by some invertebrates, or of the outer skin by some amphibians (see *AMPHIBLA) and *reptiles. Â < previous page < previous page page_134 page_135 next page > next page > Page 135 ecesis (biological invasion) The ability of some migrating plant species, having arrived at a new site, to germinate, grow, and reproduce successfully, while others fall to become established in the new environment.

Dulotic) The slave-making behaviour of certain parasitic ant species, in which the workers raid nests of other species and remove pupae. These are then reared as slaves in the nest of the dulotic ant species, and pass on foraged food to their captors. dune A land-form produced by the action of wind on unconsolidated sediment, normally sand. Aeolian dune forms range from small ripples less than 1 cm in height to the *draa forms of the Sahara, which rise to more than 300 m. Such dunes may be divided into three basic categories: *barchans; longitudinal or 'self' dunes, which parallel the wind direction; and transverse dunes, which are aligned normally to the dominant wind.

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