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By J. R. Clark-Hall

Если Вы знаете английский, то с помощью это краткого словаря, который кстати достаточно объемный, можно прочесть в оригинале, например, Беовульфа или другое англосаксонское произведение. Очень полезно для филологов и не только.

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Of a person) bad, wicked. corbie a crow, a raven. corrie a round-shaped hollow in the side of a mountain or between mountains. corrie-fisted 1. left-handed. 2. awkward, clumsy: Jock’s too corrie-fisted to put flat-pack furniture together. [From Gaelic cearr, wrong] couthie, couthy 1. unsophisticated, unpretentious, homely: That was regarded as too couthie for the fashionable city scene. 2. comfortable, snug, neat: He built a couthie wee cottage for his family. 3. (of a person) friendly, sociable, sympathetic: They were lucky enough to have couthie neighbours.

Crivvens an exclamation of surprise: Crivvens, where did you spring from? 38 THE CONCISE DICTIONARY OF SCOTTISH WORDS AND PHRASES croft a smallholding, especially one in the Highlands and Islands, run by a crofter. crowdie a kind of soft white cheese. [From crud, Scots form of English curd] crummock a shepherd’s crook with a curved head. [From Gaelic cromag, a hook] cry call or name: They cried the baby Kate. cuddy, cuddie a donkey; a horse. cuddyback a ride on someone’s shoulders: The child was tired and her daddy gave her a cuddyback.

42 THE CONCISE DICTIONARY OF SCOTTISH WORDS AND PHRASES docken 1. the dock plant or a leaf from it: Docken is said to soothe nettle stings. 2. something of little or no value, a whit: He doesn’t care a docken about his work. dod same as daud. doitit not of sound mind, foolish: He must have been doitit to take such a risk. [Probably connected with the word dotage] donnert not mentally alert, stupid: The old man’s gettin’ a bit donnert. dook bathe: It’s hot and we’re goin’ for a dook in the sea. [To dook for apples at Hallowe’en is to try to pick apples out of a bowl of water using your teeth or, occasionally, a fork] doon down: doon the road.

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