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The Carib language, often referred to as Galibi or precise Carib, is spoken via a few 7000 humans dwelling in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. Henk Courtz's booklet, initially a Leiden collage Ph.D. dissertation, includes a exact description of Carib grammar and the main large stock of Carib lexemes and affixes up to now. the fabric is of curiosity to students within the fields of linguistic typology, comparative Cariban linguistics, Carib dialects, and to an individual who's curious to grasp extra concerning the Carib language of South-America. Please stopover at the publisher's web site ( for excerpts and errata.

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Of course, a grave accent representing a coda plosive always precedes a consonant (as in àna), and a grave accent representing a hiatus always precedes a vowel (as in àa). aN/ ‘yes’ In quick pronunciation, the [Ɂ] appears to be absent or replaced by [j]. 3) is represented in the orthography in this book. The western Surinamese dialect is unique in not showing this variation (cf. oreku ‘anger’ and wotamoi ‘I wept’), except in the case of the prefix a- ‘you’, which in all Carib dialects changes to o- in a stressed syllable (cf.

The glottal stop that is heard in mòje ‘there’ does not represent a hiatus but a coda plosive that precedes the j, both of which can be clearly heard in the corresponding word mòja ‘to there’ (note that, apparently, the glottal stop is absent in the Venezuelan equivalents of mòje and mòja). Based on these considerations, vowels that are separated by a phonetic glottal stop are interpreted as either a bisyllabic vowel sequence (like in ràa ‘again’) or a combination of a coda plosive and a semivowel (like in mòje ‘there’), whereas vowels that do not constitute a diphthong and are never separated by a phonetic glottal stop are interpreted as two vowels separated by a semivowel (like awu ‘I’ and semaje110 ‘I throw’).

G. /irompiQpa/ [iɾom(bih)pa] ‘not dying’, /emamiQpa/ [emam(ih)pa] ‘not living’). /e, o/ The /e/ and /o/ are usually pronounced somewhat more open in syllables with a coda. 98 Exceptional cases of voiced word initial plosives as well as coda plosives that are not underspecified may be found in loan words and interjections. g. : 98 The combination of an /N/ and a suffix or clitic initial /r/ is pronounced There are dialectal differences: in western Surinamese Carib plosives are only voiced following a nasal.

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