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By Jay Payleitner

Perfect? No. yet you are still the fitting dad to your boy.

Bestselling writer Jay Payleitner, dad of 4 grown sons (and one impressive daughter), promises a bucketful of man-friendly rules on how construct a father-and-son dating. excellent news is, you do not have to assert much. by means of your lifestyles and instance, you can:

  • Show your boy why it's worthwhile to be a guy
  • Demonstrate how one can deal with girls well
  • Teach him to work flat out and feature enjoyable, usually on the related time
  • Show him how one can stay with honesty and self-respect
  • Give him the internal self belief to dwell a useful life

    These fifty two quick-to-read chapters supply nice how one can relate or spend time as dad and son. and every suggestion presents a brand new construction block for a father-son dating that would support your boy alongside the trail to turning into a guy.

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    Which means we need to prepare them to be wise decision makers, not obedient order takers. “Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. ” —DANIEL J. BOORSTIN (1914–2004) Need #5 A SON NEEDS HIS DAD… To Teach Him Stuff Your Dad Taught You Things I learned growing up from my dad: • Measure twice, cut once. • Sand with the grain. • How to tie a tie. • How to jump-start a car. • How to peel an apple. • How to negotiate at a flea market. • Release the emergency brake in a ’66 Volkswagen before driving around town.

    Even when your little guy spends a day at Grandma’s, the security is still there. If your son tastes grapefruit or sees an opossum for the first time, she’s going to tell you about it. For a finite length of time, you have a firm handle on who he is and everything he knows. And then suddenly you don’t. Your son’s acquisition of knowledge—without Mom or Dad around—begins in earnest when he goes off to preschool or kindergarten. Then it accelerates through elementary school. He spends hours every day learning things that you can’t possibly know about.

    STEVE MARTIN (1945–) Need #13 A SON NEEDS HIS DAD… To Think Before You Click Do you sometimes want to scream at television and the Internet because all they seem to deliver is sex, greed, vulgarity, and stupidity? Well, guess what? The reason all that stuff is so pervasive is because it’s so popular. Look at a list of the top 20 television shows and—without mentioning any titles—it seems like most of them feature creepy people doing creepy things. I like TV. I like the idea of pushing a couple of buttons on a remote control and having creative, amusing, and thought-provoking stories and people enter my living room for an evening of entertainment.

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